Sunday, June 13, 2010

Letter Perfect

The death of her mother brings Ruth Caldwell's life into serious upheaval. In obedience to her mother's final wishes, she travels to California to live with the father she never knew. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she finds that he is dead and she may be heir to a part of the Broken P ranch. Joshua McCain has devoted his life to the success of the Broken P ranch and is part owner of the ranch. The revelation of Ruth Caldwell's existence gives her a claim to his ranch and at first, Joshua wants nothing more than to put her on a train and send her back East. To his dismay, Ruth proves to be a kind, sweet, admirable woman and Joshua can not help but be attracted to her. However, when her clumsiness begins to involve serious incidents, he begins to wonder if something sinister may be involved.

Letter Perfect is the struggle of one woman to move beyond her grief and the things of her past to embrace a future. The character of Ruth Caldwell is ridiculously clumsy and yet the author makes her seem perfectly authentic in the context of the story. The book contained just the right combination of mystery, humor, romance and culture to create a story that one will want to read over and over again.

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