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Author Interview: Recruit of Talionis by C. J. Milacci

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About the Book

Recruit of Talionis

Title: Recruit of Talionis
: Talionis Series #1
: C.J. Milacci
: Fayette Press
Release Date
: November 3, 2023
: Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian

"Forget where you came from. Forget the life you knew. You are now recruits of Talionis!"

A teen with a dark past. A secret military force that kidnaps new soldiers. Can she survive as a Recruit of Talionis? 

America has fallen. Seventeen-year-old Bria Averton grew up in a small town of survivors near the ruins of Portland, Maine. It’s all she’s ever known — until she’s kidnapped along with hundreds of other teens and brought to the city of Talionis. A city no one knew existed. 

The soldiers tell them the intense trainings are for the good of the survivors, and Bria resists being forced into a new life as a recruited soldier. But she soon finds the dangers in the city are greater than she imagined. 

Escape is impossible, and Bria fears drowning in the evil of the city… and the guilt from her own past. But can she find hope, even here?

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September 25th has tormented me every moment for six years. Darkness clings to the morning, unwilling to relinquish its hold and allow light to enter the world. But that’s fitting for today.

The anniversary of my brother’s death.

My gaze probes the murky depths of the bay as waves lap at the shore, spitting up pieces of plastic, cloth, and whatever else the ocean has churned up today. Wind blows sand over the rusty frame of a pre-Demise car several feet to my right, creating a haunting tune. Chills inch up my spine. I hate this place, and yet can’t seem to keep myself away.

Bria… Bria… Bria…

The waves whisper my name with every splash on the shore, mocking me and beckoning me at the same time. My nemesis. The monster I must face—must defeat because of what it took from me.

My throat thickens, the memories stirring.

I take a step forward, then stop again.

Light edges its way over the horizon, brightening the surrounding landscape. I know it by heart. Every bit of forest and rock around the tiny beach. The cliffs to the east, stretching into the water. The old car wedged between boulders, half-buried in the sand. My stomach roils like the waves. It’s the same as it was during my last moments with Ezri.

About the Author

C.J. Milacci

CJ Milacci has found creating to be therapeutic in the chaos of life. Writing is her favorite way to create, and she seeks to take her readers on a grand adventure that begins with a single word. As a referee, she is always relearning the hard lesson that it’s impossible to make everyone happy, and she’s discovered that stories can be found anywhere, even on a lacrosse field. She is passionate about crafting stories of good overcoming evil, finding hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances, and true acceptance. Always willing to get real about hard issues, C.J. also enjoys the cheesiest of puns. She loves deep conversations, yo-yos, roller-blading, and finding reasons to throw a dance party. She chats about writing, her faith and the hope found in Jesus, bubble tea, and other fun adventures online (@cjmilacci) and at

Connect with CJ by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.

Author Interview

What was the inspiration behind Recruit of Talionis?

C.J.: I was inspired to write the story because I wanted to illustrate how to find hope when the darkest possible circumstances collide with guilt from one’s past. So I imagined a world in which America has fallen and the rest of the world has moved on — like how Rome fell and the world dynamics changed. Then I thought, what would it be like if a man came and set up a hidden city in America and started kidnapping teens to, essentially, build himself an army? And what if one of those teens was a girl who has a dark past that she thinks will always define her and make her unworthy of acceptance? How could that girl find hope when evil seems to be taking over? And so Recruit of Talionis was born.

My biggest reason for wanting to write this kind of story was because I’ve talked to many young women who struggle with depression, anxiety, and painful situations in their lives. I wanted to write a story I could hand to those teen and young adult girls who needed a reprieve from the pain they were facing in their lives, but also a way to learn deeper truths. And find, ultimately, that hope can pierce even the darkest of circumstances.

Q: How long did it take you to write this story?

C.J.: I always have a hard time answering this questions, because I wrote a version of this story several years ago. Then I set it aside, learned more about the craft of writing, wrote other stories, and then picked Recruit of Talionis back up and rewrote it completely. There are echoes of what the story once was, but it’s a very different book now — a better book.
All of that to say, I have a hard time pinpointing exactly how long it took me to write. It was about a year for the first draft, but many rewrites and edits and changes since.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote from this book?

C.J.: “Sometimes the things you’re learning and doing have a greater purpose than what you realize at first. If you give up because you don’t understand, or because something doesn’t make sense to your logic, you risk missing out.”

This quote is from the “mentor” character in my story and it has a very practical application to my protagonist, but I’ve also found it to be true in my own life. The littlest things in life often have a far greater impact than we’ll ever realize, and if we faithfully do what we need to do, we will reap what we’ve sown eventually. It’s easy for me to want to give up sometimes because I don’t understand, but faithful diligence always brings about the best results.

Q: What do you hope readers take away from Recruit of Talionis?

C.J.: Stories can be a way of escape, a way to forget the difficulties of life for a time, and I want Recruit of Talionis to offer those things AND point to true hope. Hope readers can then bring back with them into whatever circumstances they were going through. Life is crazy and overwhelming and difficult, and I want readers to walk away from reading Recruit of Talionis knowing that, no matter how painful and hard things may be, there can always be hope.

Q: Would you share something about yourself that most readers would not know?

C.J.: I’m a referee for girls and women’s lacrosse and field hockey…and I didn’t play either sport! I actually ref lacrosse at the collegiate level now, but when I started, I had no idea how the sport was played. None. I’d never even seen a game, but somehow I found myself training to ref the sport. I was sure I would utterly fail, and I remember praying, God, if You want me to do this, You’re gonna have to make it happen, because there is now way I can do it on my own. And by some crazy miracle, here I am almost nine years later. I’ve learned so much as a referee, made some great friends, and I’ve even been inspired with story ideas while on the lacrosse field. All that to say, you just never know where your life may lead. One major thing I learned was that if God has something for me to do, He can lead me through it. No matter how crazy. All I need to do is take the next step and do what I can do, and leave the rest up to Him.

Q: What are you reading now?

C.J.: I typically read a paperback book and listen to a different audiobook, so right now I’m reading The Choice (book 2 in The Chase Runner Series), by Bradley Caffee, and I’m listening to the audiobook for Silver Bounty (book 2 in The Royal Rose Chronicles), by Victoria McCombs.

Q: How many bookcases are in your home?

C.J.: Oh what a fun question! I have two beautiful floor to ceiling bookcases that my dad built for me, and I also have several bookshelves upstairs in my house.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Sometimes I’m reffing a game, other times I’m working for one of my author clients and helping them with their needs, and much of my non-writing work time is focused on marketing and learning.
But for fun, I love doing things outdoors — hiking, roller-blading, or kayaking if the weather is nice —, and spending time with friends and family playing games, watching movies, and going on adventures. I also enjoy cooking and baking.

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Book Review: I'll Start Again Monday by Lysa TerKeurst

About the Book:

The Missing Companion for Healthy Eating Plans That Have Left You Feeling Defeated.

So often we characterize our food cravings as bad or guilt inducing, especially when dieting has made us feel even more disappointed and defeated. But the reality is we were made to crave. We just need to realize God created us to crave more of Him instead of misplacing that craving by overindulging in physical pleasures and unhealthy choices that will never truly satisfy. In the midst of her own personal struggle with this, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst invites us into a new perspective of permanent change to get out of the same old pattern of losing weight but then gaining it back.

In this newly revised and condensed version of Made to Crave, Lysa shows you how to:break the cycle of “I'll start again Monday” and start taking steps toward consistency that lasts.
  • stop agonizing over numbers on the scale and make peace with your body.
  • replace rationalizations that lead to failure with wisdom that leads to victory.
  • reach your healthy goals and grow closer to God through the process.

This is not a “how-to” book or the latest and greatest dieting plan. This is the necessary resource to use alongside whatever healthy lifestyle plan you choose that will help you find your “want to.” This message is what’s been missing in your journey toward sustainable success and health.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading I’ll Start Again Monday: Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Eating Habits with Lasting Spiritual Satisfaction by Lysa TerKeurst. It was easy-to-read and well-organized. As a revised and condensed version of Made to Crave, it featured plenty of the same concepts, but was set up in the style of a daily devotional with short readings for each day. The book held my attention and did not drag in the middle like many self-help books do.

I’ll Start Again Monday focused on breaking unhealthy eating habits to become physically and spiritually healthy. Lysa TerKeurst shared some of her personal nutrition plan but did not advocate for a specific food regimen. Rather, as the author explored her thoughts on finding spiritual satisfaction, she laid out smart principles for Christian living. Some examples include: walking in victory/freedom, taking each thought captive, replacing lies with truth, commitment, perseverance, and deepening one’s relationship with God.

The exhortations in I’ll Start Again Monday can be applied to multiple areas of life, not just the pursuit of physical health. Some of the teachings felt a bit heavy-handed and strict. I didn’t buy into everything in the book, but overall, I found it to have excellent spiritual insights and encouragement.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this product via the Amazon Vine program. All opinions in this review are my own.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Book Spotlight: The Rock at the Bottom

The Rock at the Bottom JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for The Rock at the Bottom by Cynthia Hilston, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

About the Book

The Rock at the Bottom Title: The Rock at the Bottom 
Series: Lorna & Tristan Series #3 
Author: Cynthia Hilston 
Publisher: Independently Published 
Release Date: March 18, 2023 
Genre: 20th-century Historical fiction/Christian fiction/Romance

A big dreamer and successful novelist carries the sins of his father and a secret that leaves him wondering if he is the author or killer of love.

Stephen feels he is marked from day one to lose the ones he loves. His mother dies giving birth to him, and his alcoholic father makes sure Stephen never forgets it. To block out his father’s hate, fists, and belt, young Stephen loses himself in his imagination. Stories become his closest companions and barricades against a family that never wanted him. Once he can look his father in the eye, Stephen swears he will never be the monster his old man is. He vows he will become a published author, if for no other reason than to prove his father wrong. 

While his dreams of being a bestselling novelist and falling in love come true, Stephen has much to prove to himself before he can write his own happy ending. Set against the backdrop of Prohibition-era Cleveland, Stephen fights the same alcoholic demons that plagued his father as he tries to begin a life free from his family. He meets equally headstrong Julie and is smitten, but their marriage is as fractured as his career is solid. He can find ten ways to write about being in love, but he has a hard time translating love on the page to love in real life. Julie slips between his fingers like sand, and Stephen sees his father staring back when he looks in the mirror. 

Try as he might to rewrite his life, even going so far as to change his name, he has to wonder if he is the author or the killer of love.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon

Amazon ebook sale March 21-22 $0.99

More Books in this Series

Lorna versus Laura Rocks and Flowers in a Box


My mother was the first person I killed. My father made sure I never forgot it.

I tried to forget. Oh, did I ever. As soon as I could read, I lost myself in books at every opportunity. But as a six-year-old boy, who was reminded every time my drunk old man took retribution out of my flesh, the hurled words became etched on my soul.

You’re the reason she’s dead.
You took her from me.
You’re a mistake.
You weren’t supposed to be born. To exist.
You aren’t supposed to exist.

Those words cut into my being with every laceration on my back. Or every purple bruise on my cheekbone—left or right, take your pick. Whichever side my father was on when he struck.

But he was never on my side.

I was on my side. I and I alone. Sometimes, even I wasn’t on my side.

My older brothers and sisters had their lives, and I wasn’t part of theirs. Twelve years and a chasm separated me—the unwanted—from them—the loved.

When printed words failed to cover my scars, I escaped to the only place I knew: my imagination.

About the Author

Cynthia Hilston

Cynthia Hilston is a stay-at-home mom of three young kids, happily married, and lives in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Writing has always been like another child to her. After twenty years of waltzing in the world of fan fiction, she stepped away to do her debut dance with original works of fiction, although she still dabbles in fan fiction.

In her spare time – what spare time? – she devours books, shamelessly watches Hallmark movies and When Calls the Heart, pets her orange and black kitties, looks at the stars, drinks wine or coffee with good friends, and dreams of what other stories she wishes to tell. 

Connect with Cynthia by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.

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Book Spotlight: Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness

Finding Joy JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness by Christopher Martin, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

About the Book

Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness Title: Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness 
Author: Christopher Martin 
Publisher: Martin Family Bookstore 
Release Date: November 15, 2021 
Genre: Christian Nonfiction; self-help; chronic illness

A 2022 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner

"Finding Joy is a vital guide on how to best manage and navigate life with a chronic illness." —James Nestor, New York Times bestselling author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art 

Finding Joy presents a comprehensive, practical guide for living your best life with chronic illness. This psychology self-help book integrates personal and professional insights to give you tools for handling various aspects of living with a chronic illness. There is also a chapter specifically for the loved ones and caregivers of the chronically ill. While this book is designed for anyone with a chronic illness, the spiritual content early in the book suggests the value of sticking to your faith and offers several Bible references. 

Ultimately, Finding Joy is an A-to-Z guide that critiques the literature and empowers the reader with:
  1. Positive psychology techniques. These range from self-compassion, positive reappraisal, positive self-talk, and pacing to positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors such as optimism, humor, and volunteer work.
  2. Stress-reduction methods. These include tools such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, simplification, and (therapeutic) journaling.
  3. Proven therapies. Examples include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).
  4. Effective communication strategies and their impact on relationships and even the ability to access quality healthcare.
  5. Numerous tips to both access and optimize your experience with high-quality healthcare.
  6. Important considerations for loved ones of the chronically ill, so they too can know how to best support their loved one and take care of themselves in the process.
“This book offers great value for anyone with chronic illness as it contains clear, practical, and actionable insights and steps that can be naturally implemented into daily life. An engaging, easy, and helpful read. Highly recommended.”—Alla Bogdanova, MSc, MIM, co-founder and past president of the International Empty Nose Syndrome Association

"The thing that sets it apart from others is that it’s written by afellow sufferer who can also give valuable insight as a psychologist.This topic could easily be heavy-going, but it is mainly an upbeat, positive read. Saying that, the author has taken care to balance positivity with reality."—Elsa Bridger on

"What I loved the most about this book is theauthor has his own chronic illnessesso all methods are tried and tested. I really like the way this book was written as it didn't feel like any other self-help book I have ever read; it felt more relaxed.You knew that the author understood you and his manner made me take more in."—Ladyreading365 on

“I have had various invisible chronic illnesses for nearly forty years, but I was still able to find suggestions that will help me. So many of the things I have gone through are reflected in this book. I highly recommend this comprehensive book.”—Sue on

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | BookBub


A chronic illness provides a constant reminder to self-blame, which leads to decreased self-esteem and depression. We blame ourselves for overdoing it, for needing extra rest, for our “decrepit” bodies, for falling behind at work, for failing to socialize, and for not accomplishing our daily activities or striving toward long-term goals and dreams. To add insult to injury, when we voice this self-blame, our seemingly “able-bodied” friends and family members may also inadvertently join in the criticism either by what they say, by what they do, or by encouraging us to act beyond our physical limitations. This destructive cycle of negative self-regard must not only be stopped, but also reversed, in order to effectively manage our chronic illness.

Self-compassion offers the best way to stop this cycle of negative self-regard. Self-compassion holds a positive self-view and regards oneself with kindness during times of trouble. Among patients with chronic illness, self-compassion leads to lower stress levels, better emotional regulation, better adaptive coping skills, and improved health practices. Psychologically, it promotes happiness, conscientiousness, optimism, and decreases depression and rumination – thinking the same thought over and over without an end or solution.

About the Author

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is a school psychologist, husband, father, and an award-winning author who has lived with multiple debilitating chronic illnesses and their hidden effects - from chronic fatigue to significant pain to seemingly endless infections - for 25 years. As a result, he is all too aware of how disruptive and life-changing they can be to our daily lives.

But don't let what was just shared fool you: while he is far from cured of his illnesses, he still maintains a fulfilling life and experiences ongoing joy, peace, and happiness. He appreciates the small things in life such as drinking hot tea, going for walks with his family (when he is feeling up to it), and reading inspirational books. It was his goal, in turn, to give back to others by doing what he loves to do: authoring books on these conditions. He wrote his most recent book, Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness, because few books exist that offer comprehensive, practical guidance on chronic illness. And even fewer books exist that include mental health tips from the perspective of a psychologist and sufferer. Christopher enjoyed integrating his background in psychology with his experiences as a patient into realistic, easy-to-understand and apply strategies. His deepest hope in writing Finding Joy is to inspire the reader to live a more abundant life. 

Learn more by visiting

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(3) additional winners will receive an audiobook download of the book!

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Book Review: The Rock by Cara Grandle

About the Book:

After a whiskey still explosion destroys her home and nearly her life, Rebecca Packwood and her father must leave Missouri and her dear friends behind. After crossing The Oregon Trail, she sets out to discover her family’s secret history and to forge a home and community out of the raw farm land of Eagle Creek, Oregon Country, never suspecting a ruthless enemy is seeking to thwart her plans.

Hard-working banker’s son, Clark Sutherland, thought the toughest test he would face was getting out from underneath his father’s thumb. The last thing he expected was to be penniless, homeless, and smitten with a shy, dark-eyed stranger. With nothing to offer her, will he find a way to support himself and still pursue his dreams before they’re pulled apart?

When a man in shadows sets his eyes on their coveted prize, danger descends. Rebecca and Clark must act to protect the desires of their hearts before harm befalls them all. Will they learn to trust their future to the God who heals and sets the lonely in families?

My Thoughts:

The Rock by Cara Grandle had a slow start and the characters had to grow on me. Clark’s privilege and entitlement annoyed me. I sympathized with Rebecca’s situation and desire for a home, but nothing about the beginning hooked my attention. Then, Joe (the villain) received page space for his mental instability and wicked plans. In the first 100 pages, Clark and Rebecca met briefly once. Shortly after page 100, the two main characters start interacting regularly, but it was a long wait. 

All that being said, once Rebecca and Clark began spending time together, I started truly enjoying the story. The descriptions of farm life with fresh veggies and homemade meals made me want to start my own garden. Clark’s time at the farm increased his maturity. Rebecca’s search for belonging and stability continued to drive the plot throughout the novel and made for some excellent character development.

The Rock held some beautiful themes amidst the ugly moments of Rebecca’s life. I have to give a trigger warning that there was an on-page depiction of attempted rape and the glimpses into Joe’s mentality were disturbing.

The Rock by Cara Grandle is probably best for Christian fiction readers in the mood for a gritty story with a delayed slow-burn romance. The novel starts the Sisters of the Porcelain Doll series and works as a standalone. The Ribbon (book two) is currently available, and enjoying it made reading The Rock worth the challenge as I highly enjoyed The Ribbon.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a copy of this book by the author or publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

Book Spotlight: On the Golden Cliffs

On the Golden Cliffs JustRead Blog + Review Tour Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for On the Golden Cliffs by Christen Krumm with Tricia Goyer, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

About the Book

Title: On the Golden Cliffs
: Big Sky Amish #2
: Christen Krumm with Tricia Goyer
: Sunrise Publishing
Release Date
: March 21, 2023
: Christian Contemporary Amish Romance

One wrong post has sent influencer Lyla Taylor’s social media empire crashing to her feet. To save it, she’ll have to escape to rural Montana. Six weeks in a high-end spa won’t hurt…except, she’s not booked into a spa, but at a rustic Amish B&B. Suddenly, her roommates are racoons, and her daily activities include hanging laundry. Thanks, but no thanks. Lyla is ready to hit delete and head back to civilization.

Amishman Reuben Milner has a secret…one that could destroy his world. For now, however, he’s kept his life as a novelist under wraps, focusing on providing for his family after the tragic passing of his father. Renting the dawdi house seems the right move—until the wrong woman moves in. However, she comes with ideas to help improve their B&B, and that, along with her feisty personality, is something Reuben can’t ignore. Even if the elders want him to focus on joining the church and finding a wife. 

When going home isn’t an option, Lyla decides to help the Milners spruce up their rental. It does help distract her from her problems online. The more Lyla works on the rental with Reuben, the more she wonders if returning to her former life is worth it. However, is it the simple life that Lyla’s heart longs for—or a particular guarded Amishman with secrets of his own? And when those secrets are discovered, what will it cost them both?  

Book two in the delightful and sweet Big Sky Amish Collection.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BookBub | IndieBound

More Books in this Series

Beyond the Gray Mountains Under the Blue Skies


After grabbing the bucket of pitch, Reuben climbed down the ladder with one hand, careful not to slip. Once his right foot hit solid ground, he checked off the roof on his list, then scurried to determine what chore should be next.

“Hi, yeah, I’m supposed to connect with a Mara or Reuben Milner?”

He jumped at the soft voice from behind him. Reuben turned, practically dumping the half bucket of black tar on a woman that barely even came up to his chin. He pushed his straw hat back on his head. She stood near the bottom of the ladder, wearing black shorts, a colorful T-shirt, and a black jacket. She wasn’t Amish.

Then he noted her extremely high heeled shoes. Definitely not Amish.

How was she even able to stand upright in them? She looked ridiculous. What could she possibly need with him or Mem?

Reuben lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

One hand rested on her hip. The other hand blocked the sun as she stared up at him. Her auburn hair framed a pair of flashing green eyes. He could already tell this one had more spunk than Penny, even on Penny’s best day. All that attitude had rendered him speechless.

He threaded his free hand through his suspenders. “Your shoes are so tall,” he sputtered.

She looked down at her shoes and back to him, frowning. “What do my shoes have to do with anything? Are you or aren’t you Reuben Milner?”

He shrugged, wishing he had just kept his mouth shut.

“You must be Lyla,” his older sister called from behind him.

Saved by Susanna. Married now and six months pregnant, she waddled barefoot out onto the porch and eyed the two of them standing in the yard. Without a word, Lyla moved around him and stomped up the porch steps, stopping next to her two large suitcases. Reuben winced, hoping that she didn’t go through the steps or roll an ankle. It was a toss-up which one would actually happen.

“Are you Mara Milner?” Lyla asked, holding her hand out toward his sister.

Susanna smiled and took Lyla’s hand in her own. “I’m Susanna, Mara’s daughter. Wyatt said you might be out here. Are you hungry? You must be tired from your journey. Would you like to come in and sit down for a while?”

Lyla pulled her hand back and eyed the ramshackle front porch—or at least, from the slight wrinkle of her nose that’s how he assumed she saw it. “I’d rather just head to the Airbnb, maybe get unpacked.”

Reuben thought the response was a little rude, and his sister’s smile faltered. Her brows scrunched in confusion. “Airbnb?”

About the Authors

Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer writes out of her passion for God and her love for family and others. The author of more than 70 books, she writes both historical fiction and nonfiction related to family and parenting.

This USA Today best-selling author has won a two Carol Awards and a Retailer’s Best Award. She was also an ECPA Gold-Medallion Nominee and a Christy Award Nominee and won Writer of the Year from the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. 

Tricia’s contemporary and historical novels feature strong women overcoming great challenges. She is a beloved author of Amish fiction, having written the Big Sky and Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series. 

Whether for fiction or nonfiction, Tricia’s writing style is vivid and heartwarming, allowing readers to take home more than engaging stories, but also messages that inspire faith and hope. Her goal is to write stories that matter. 

Connect with Tricia by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.

Christen Krumm is the author of the young adult romcom It Happened At Christmas. She lives with her husband and three barefoot wildings in the middle of the world, Oklahoma. She drinks way too much coffee and reads too many books, but creating stories with her Creator is her favorite.

Connect with Christen by visiting to follow her on social media, subscribe to email newsletter updates, or listen to her podcast, Exploring the Blank Page.

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