Thursday, December 2, 2010

Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans is a story of one man's unfailing love. Although Beth Cardall's world rapidly disintegrates, an unexpected visitor brings hope to the darkness surrounding her. Beth meets Matthew at a 7-11 in a chance encounter. She's sure she's never met him before, but he seems to know so much about her. He keeps showing up and insisting on spending time with her; yet, Beth is reluctant to open her heart to him. Her daughter is plagued by an unknown sickness, she's grieving her late husband and his infidelity, and her financial problems seem to be mounting. Does she really need any more complications in her life? What she finds is that she does need Matthew – more than she could have imagined.

From the beginning of Promise Me, there is a delightful suspense due to a few carefully placed tidbits of information. As the story continues, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit into place. However, until the final, powerful twist, the reader is kept guessing about what some of those opening statements mean. Personally, I found the suspense delightful. It cultivated interest in the story and kept me turning the pages. I also liked the character of Matthew. I wouldn't consider him a stereotype, but he definitely falls into the “ideal man” category – handsome, understanding, faithful, loving, etc. 
Another great read from Richard Paul Evans.

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