Monday, January 10, 2011

Going Nowhere Faster Book Giveaway!

To enter a giveaway for a free, autographed copy of Going Nowhere Faster by Sean Boudoin, click here.

A brief synopsis of the book:

Stan Smith has the world's dullest name, and the world's dullest life to go with it. At 17, the former junior chess champion turned "Town's Laziest Register Monkey at the Town's Only Video Store" has no car, no college, and, of course, no girl. If that weren't pathetic enough, he's got an organic-food-freak vegan mother, an eccentric inventor father, a dead-end job, a dog with a flatulence problem, and a former classmate threatening to kill him. With a 165 IQ, Stan was expected to Be Something and Go Somewhere. But when all he has is a beat-up old bike that keeps getting vandalized, he's going nowhere, faster.

(Courtesy of Book Rat)

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word.
    Also, I notice you have a Jane in June button in your sidebar -- YAY!!!!!!!!!!