Wednesday, June 15, 2011

False Witness by Randy Singer

When Clarke Shealy's wife is taken hostage by the Chinese mafia, he must use all of his bounty hunter skills to find an Indian scientist with a powerful algorithm. An experience such as that is not easily forgotten. Four years later, Shealy's witness protection identity and location have been compromised and the enemy is ruthlessly pursuing the algorithm. Complicating matters is the question of who can be trusted and who cannot. When local law students become involved, the stakes increase. Is there a traitor inside the FBI? Will the Chinese mafia exact revenge and take the algorithm? Will justice triumph?

False Witness by Randy Singer is an adrenaline-laced tale that gripped me from chapter one. There is so much action that the story moves fast, but in order to understand everything that happens, it must be read at a moderate pace. This unlikely combination actually contributed to the book's ability to keep drawing me back to it. I loved the character of Kumari. He was wonderfully unique and intellectually stimulating – much like the entire book. Clearly, Singer did his homework while writing this book. His portrayals of the mafia, the job of a bounty hunter, and the life of fledging law students seemed spot-on, though I know little about any of those lifestyles. I read the 2011 version of False Witness which is a rewritten version of Singer's older book by the same name.

I recommend this book to fans of suspense/mystery fiction.   

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