Monday, October 3, 2011

Weddings and Wasabi by Camy Tang

Jennifer Lim has always been a good Japanese daughter. But when an abusive ex-boyfriend shows up and her family expects her to just take it, Jenn finds the courage to stand up for herself. Armed with a culinary degree, her newfound freedom, her supportive cousins, and her handsome new friend, Edward, Jenn is determined to follow God's will for her life. Jenn's family members all seem to have their own plans for her life, but as confrontations happen, Jenn finds the strength to press forward to her dreams, her life, and maybe even love.

Weddings and Wasabi is the fourth installment in Camy Tang's Sushi series. The novella works well as a stand-alone and is a short, sweet read. I thought a few of the situations were unlikely, if not unbelieveable, but Jenn's character comes across as genuine. Jenn's search to find God's will was something that I could really relate to. I think more could have been done with some of the characters/situations. For instance, at one point Jenn begins to questions whether or not her ex-boyfriend pushed her or she fell while drunk. Unfortunately, that was never resolved and there are several other ambiguities throughout the story that leave the reader a little unfulfilled.

Overall, I recommend Weddings and Wasabi if you are looking for a light, sweet read to pass the time.

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