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Blog Blitz & Giveaway: The Gifted Trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren

The Gifted Trilogy JustRead Blog Blitz 

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Begotten Betrayed

Title: The Gifted Trilogy 
Author: Lisa T. Bergren 
Publisher: Stonewater Books 
Release Date: 2021 
Genre: Supernatural Suspense / Christian

An ancient, secret letter has long prophesied that the Gifted would gather. One with the ability to heal, another with the gift of wisdom. Others with the ability to see the future, discern truth, uncover evil intent, or exhibit miraculous powers. Together they are a force, born to change the world. But their gathering has drawn the attention of those who wield power…people determined to either control or destroy them.

“[A] classic battle between good and evil. Disregard Da Vinci Code comparisons, and think Lord of the Rings.” —Publishers Weekly

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Slowly, the forest settled back into shape, gently swaying in a high breeze, but no longer
swirling. The falcon landed on a branch above him. And the woman…he’d never seen such a
beautiful creature. Lord, who is this woman? If I am in danger, warn me now. The edges of her
cloak parted as she leaned over him again, head bent in prayer. He noticed her long, graceful
neck. Delicate collarbones. And pleasing cleavage peeking above a lady’s bodice made of the
finest brocade and beads.

“M’lady,” he whispered, grabbing her hand, forcing her to still.
She looked at him then, arched brows furrowed over earth-brown eyes in which a man
could find both tales and wisdom. A stern angel of God. “Cease looking at me like that,” she
said, rising.

“Yes, m’lady,” he said, speaking normally now. He could breathe again, take a deep
breath! He laughed at the sensation, filled his lungs and then laughed again. What sort of miracle
had just occurred?

He was torn between the glory of an afterlife only barely touched—the promise, the
glimpse that made his heart pound with hope, the desire to exist in that perfection—and his relief
at being alive. But in the midst of it was this angel, this servant. God’s own hand, a wondrous
creature. A healer. And beside her a priest and slave. What odd trio was this?

--an excerpt from BEGOTTEN, book one of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


Gianni unsheathed his sword and the other men did the same, menacing them backward. “Father
Piero…” he began.

Piero knew the edge in the knight’s voice. There were many here with little to fear in
death. The Gifted could be overrun, overtaken, despite the knights and their weapons. Their
clothing stripped from their bodies, their flesh eaten. These were a desperate people.

“M’lady,” Tessa said in a high pitch, pushing toward Daria as an old woman reached to
touch her fine dress.

“Duchess!” cried Vito, lifting his sword high to strike when an old man grabbed her arm.
Those nearest them drew back with a weary gasp.

“Nay!” Piero and Daria shouted, both whirling. Vito pulled back his sword, just before
striking the old man.

Piero gaped at them, then around. This place was filled with the devastated. A hollow. A
cavern of need he had not experienced since…

The day in the marketplace. Back in Siena. The day Daria had preached of love and
ultimate healing. He glanced at her. She was clearly overcome, with that look of longing upon
her face that told him she was about to ask the Lord to heal those about her.

Hasani drew near, then, taking her arm. Piero studied Daria’s tall, black companion, his
steps sure, as if he knew what they were to do. The priest had seen it before in the man. Hasani
took her hand in his and reached out to the nearest child with his mother, covering the boy’s
matted hair with his long, black fingers. Unafraid. He smiled down at the boy with sorrow, as if
he knew the child’s pain, and the child looked up at him with such shock and overwhelmed
pleasure at the sensation of touch that the entire group seemed to hold their breath.

Tears cascaded down Daria’s face and, resolutely, she crouched and pulled the boy into
her arms. Perhaps five years of age, he gazed up at her in wonder. This was the one, the one they
had come to heal.

--an excerpt from BETRAYED, book two of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


Lisa T. Bergren 

Lisa T. Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 60 books in a variety of genres, from children’s picture books to contemporary romance to supernatural suspense novels. She lives in Colorado Springs in a brand-new home she and her husband just finished building and intend to never leave because she’s discovered she loathes moving. You can find out more about her at

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