Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Mermaid In The Basement by Gilbert Morris

Viscountess Serafina Trent is not the typical high-society, well-to-do woman. She is a scientist who has learned to believe only in what she can see and trust only what she can prove. When her brother, Clive Newton, is arrested for the murder of an actress, all the evidence points to him. However, she believes with all her heart that he is innocent and attempts to use her brilliant, scientific mind to set him free. Dylan Tremayne, a superb theater actor, volunteers to assist her in her search for clear Clive's name. Reluctantly, she accepts help and finds his friendship to be a blessing to her life. Together, they work day and night, and an attraction grows between them despite Serafina's determination to never marry again.

The Mermaid In The Basement by Gilbert Morris is both a mystery and a historical fiction book. It is very well-written and the plot and characters were completely believable. I enjoyed how the author introduced the protagonist to Charles Dickens at one point. The romance between Serafina and Dylan was highly predictable; however, the ending was not. I intend to visit the library soon and see if the sequel to this book is available.

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