Friday, May 28, 2010

Fair Game

When Dinah Mayhew leaves her aunt and uncle's farm for the exciting city of Chicago, she anticipates the excitement of the World's Fair and reconciliation with her estranged father. What she does not expect is the way her heart is affected by Seth Howell and the religious work he is part of. When people she is involved with start literally disappearing, Dinah finds no help from the local police. She finds a helper and a confidante in Seth, but she is unsure if he returns her growing attraction. As she grows deeper in her faith, she must learn to trust God even during the dark times.

Fair Game by Carol Cox is a mixture of romance, mystery and intrigue. There is also some suspense towards the end, though personally, I think a little more of suspense would have benefited the story. I found that I liked the character of Dinah, but she seemed ridiculously innocent. Not that an innocent-type character is a bad thing, but the problem for me was that she did not seem believable. Aside from that, the story is good. But it is still the type of book that I recommend renting from the library before buying.

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