Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jessie Wheeler has successfully managed her business and her life without help from anyone for years. When her husband left her eight years ago, she single-handedly took care of her two daughters while running her mercantile. Now her estranged husband, Seth Redding, is back in town and claims to be a different man. Jessie’s not about to trust him, but she recognizes that the girls are longing for a father figure and is willing to give Seth a second chance to know his daughters. Not surprisingly, Jessie makes it clear that she is off-limits. When an expected illness confines Seth to Jessie’s home, her feelings begin to change, but she’s not about to trust the man that left her once before. It will take a miracle to heal Jessie’s heart, but is she even willing to accept it?

Jessie by Lori Wick was enjoyable, but it is far from being my favorite book by Lori Wick. I liked the characters of Jessie and Seth very well; however, there were some characters in the book that just did not seem to make sense - characters such as Meg, who had a baby. She did not really interact much with anyone and what was written about her did not contribute to the plot. The romance between Heather and Nate was cute, but it was a sub-plot that really had nothing to do with the main plot. I am not sure there was even any interaction between those two characters and the main two characters, Jessie and Seth.

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