Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist

Lady Constance Morrow only boarded the ship because she wanted to bid her uncle goodbye. Unfortunately, a deceptively simple choice leads to her being kidnapped, sold as a tobacco bride and then won on a gamble by Drew O'Conner. When she is forced into a marriage of convenience, she remains convinced that once her father hears of her misfortune, he will bring her back to England. What she does not count on is the strong attraction between her and her new husband. But this is only one of many struggles that she faces. Will their growing love survive the struggles that rage inside each of them?

This was actually my second time reading A Bride Most Begrudging and I had the same opinion of it that I had the first time. I loved the story. It is well-written and the pace is perfect. There is plenty of romance and even the occasional moment of humor. I loved the characters and the depth that the author gave to them. However, the sexual overtones are so strong that they almost overpower the story. It's just a matter of personal taste whether or not that would bother a reader. Deeanne Gist is known for her edgy fiction and most of the time I love her books, but this one is actually my least favorite by her.

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