Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacob's Way by Gilbert Morris

When Reisa Dimitri and her grandfather, Jacob, are forced to leave Russia because of their Jewish heritage, they face challenges they never could have anticipated. To make money, Reisa, Jacob and their friend, Dov, travel from town to town selling items. Eventually, their path leads them into the South where they meet Sam, a devout Christian, and Phineas. Unfortunately, Jacob becomes ill and at the insistence of Sam, Reisa, Jacob and Dov are convinced to remain there. When returning one day from their sales, Reisa and Dov discover a man, Ben Driver, near death. Reisa and Dov bring him back to the house and Reisa nurses him back to health. As his health improves, romance begins to appear. But there are other changes occurring in Reisa's heart. Who is this Jesus that Sam speaks of? Could Jesus really be the Messiah they have been waiting for? And does this Jesus have a plan for Reisa that includes Ben?

I enjoyed Jacob's Way. I liked that the characters in the story were not generic, cookie-cutter characters. Although I think stereotypes can be enjoyable and have their place, I found it refreshing that the main characters had physical flaws and interesting backgrounds. I greatly enjoyed the romance involving Dov and Hilda, a reclusive neighbor. Such a sweet romance between two very non-traditional characters. A good read.

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