Monday, October 4, 2010

German Enchantment

German Enchantment is a collection of four romantic novellas: Where Angels Camp, Nuremburg Angel, Dearest Enemy and Once a Stranger. Each novella features some sort of attachment to the enchanting German castle of Engelturm.

Where Angels Camp was the first novella in the book and the earliest in time period. A knight and a lady meet, but the lady's family has an allegiance and she is to be a form of payment. The story is short and the romance is sweet, but I felt the characters were underdeveloped. I suppose this is to be somewhat expected as it is a short novella.

In Nuremberg Angel, Comfort, as her name implies, offers comfort to a Hessian soldier who her family is forced to provide housing for. Her own sentiments on the war lean toward the Patriots, yet, she still finds kindness in her heart to offer care to this unwanted man.

In Dearest Enemy, war and fear surrounds Brigetta Linder's life. When she discovers a wounded enemy soldier, she is understandably afraid. However, fear eventually succumbs to her guilt of leaving him to die. What follows is the story of her nursing him back to health and the predictable romance that blossoms. This was my favorite of the four novellas.

In Once A Stranger, Madeline Johns is beautiful, wealthy and enjoys traveling. Meeting Jacob Bruckner was not part of her planned excursion, but when attraction takes hold and Madeline is introduced to a very important part of his life, she finds it harder to leave than she ever thought it would be. There is an very adorable element involving children in this story that I particularly enjoyed.

Overall, German Enchantment is enjoyable if you are looking to read something light and romantic. The stories are pretty predictable, but that is probably the reason that people buy this type of book. I would recommend renting from the library before you buy.

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