Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman of Means by Thom Lemmons

Physical exercise is at first a hobby and then a reprieve for Lydia as she grows older. Her will to run reflects the tenacious heart inside her that longs for something more. Leaving her family behind is difficult for Lydia, but hope for the future propels her on. It is that abiding hope and tenacious spirit that will lead her to God.

The reader of this story has a unique perspective as the narrative starts at the end of Lydia's life and the reader learns about Lydia's past as her life is concluding. The book seems to be Biblically accurate. Though Lydia is mentioned in the Bible and a few facts are given about her, the majority of her life story remains obscure. That's where the fiction portion comes in.

Unfortunately, for some reason, I found this book to be depressing. I am not sure if it is because Lydia is literally dying from the beginning of the book until the end or if it is something else. Though the plot of the book moved a little slow for my liking, the conclusion was pretty good. I did enjoy the very unique character of Xerxes. However, because of the depressing nature of the book, I have to recommend renting this book from the library before buying.

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