Friday, March 11, 2011

Acquired Tastes

Romantic fiction was my favorite thing to read for years. I avoided standard fiction that lacked romance. It just didn't appeal to me like romance did. Lately, thanks to several blogger review programs, I've been reading more fiction.  Surprisingly, I'm loving it. 

Fiction without romance has definitely been an acquired taste, but I now love regular fiction almost as much as romantic fiction.

Just in case you're looking for recommendations, some of my favorite (non-romantic) fiction books include:

The Brotherhood by Jerry B. Jenkins (Crime/Suspense)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Science Fiction)

Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury (Abortion/Healing)

Hunter's Moon by Don Hoesel (Mystery/Suspense)

Healing Sands by Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn (Healing)

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