Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yesterday's Publix trip...

I went to Publix yesterday. Let me tell you, I will make sure I never use that particular cashier ever, ever again! Apparently, she did not know/understand Publix's coupon policy (which I happen to have a copy of in my purse).  So, several times I had to point out things to her and once I had to speak to her superior. This, of course, substantially increased my check out time and I'm pretty sure the lady behind me was unhappy. Publix really needs to better educate their employees on their own coupon policy.  Enough ranting... Onto the deals!

My favorite deals this week were:

Smucker's Magic Shell Topping: Originally priced at 2.19. I got them for $.39 each using the sale price, store coupons, and manufacturer coupons.

TreSemme Shampoo & Condition:  Originally, 4.29. I got them for $2.33 each using a competitor coupon and sale price.. I go through a lot of hair products, so this was a great deal for me!

Dove Deodorant:  Originally, 2.99.  With manufacturer's coupons and BOGO, I got them for $.75 each!  Great deal!

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