Monday, September 17, 2012

The Deliverer by Kathi Macias

Though physically free of her prior life as a sex slave, Mara still struggles to leave behind the mental and emotional bondage of the past. Jonathan, the young man who rescued her from human trafficking, has spoken and written to her of a loving God who can free her of all the evil of the past. Mara desires this ultimate freedom, but doesn't believe it could truly happen for her. Mara's search for freedom will lead her through an examination of her feelings towards the family who sold her into slavery, her uncle who oversaw the entire operation, and the God who allowed it all to happen. Will Mara be able to move beyond her past? And if she could, would her growing affection for Jonathan blossom? Before anything else, she must learn to trust the One who knows her intimately and longs to bring healing and freedom.

The Deliverer by Kathi Macias is the third book in the Freedom Series. I highly recommend reading these books in order although some back story is given. I had expected this to be the final book in the series. However, there may be another book forthcoming as certain situations with some characters were left open at the end. The plot of this story is far more complex than a small synopsis can provide and that is one of the beauties of Macias' writing. Like the prior two books in the series, I was challenged by the topics presented in the book, but still enjoyed reading the characters' stories, particularly Mara's. It is far too easy to ignore or forget that human trafficking does exist and this series is a wake-up call for Christians to arise and fight the evil that is far closer to home than most of us realize. I recommend this book to any mature reader because it does deal with dark, though not overly explicit, topics.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review of Kathi's latest. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My understanding is that this is the final book in the series.

  2. Wonderful review! Thank you so much. And yes, unless there is an concerted outcry from readers wanting another installment, The Deliverer is the final book in the series. A couple of situations were left open-ended just in case but also because tying them together in neat bundles might have left readers with an unrealistic viewpoint. Thank you again!