Saturday, November 15, 2014

Surprised by Love by Julie Lessman

Megan McClare's time in Paris changed her from the inside out. Upon her return to San Francisco, her best friend, Bram Hughes, withdraws from her, fighting a new and unwelcome attraction to her. Struggling to make sense of the new status of their relationship, they both strive to keep it platonic. Bram is promised to another and Megan is interning to find her life direction. When Megan's childhood crush, Devin Caldwell, becomes a co-worker, she turns to Bram for advice and support. As Megan deliberately puts the past behind her and strives to forgive Devin for crushing her heart, they begin to grow closer. Outwardly, Megan and Bram are committed other people, but inwardly, attraction and romance simmers. Will Megan and Bram choose kinship without romantic attachments or will love eventually find a way to blossom? Read more in Surprised by Love by Julie Lessman.

Surprised by Love is the third novel in The Heart of San Francisco series by Julie Lessman. The author gave enough background information for things to make sense, but still left me wanting to read the other books to get the full story. Surprised by Love combines romance, humor and depth to create memorable story. The witty and refreshing banter during the character's dinners added a touch of lightheartedness that I enjoyed. The story successfully kept me wondering how things would work out. From the back cover, I could guess who Megan would end up with, but there were times when it seemed it would surely be someone else. I liked that the ending wasn't obviously apparent from the beginning and I didn't see certain plot twists coming. Surprised by Love is an excellent read for historical fiction fans. It's definitely a keeper for me as I plan to read the prior two books in the series and then re-read this one.

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