Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Promise of Breeze Hill... for free!

Several months ago I received The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman as a reward from Tyndale Publishers' My Reader Rewards Club.  

This novel sat in my TBR box for quite awhile because Pam Hillman was a new author to me and I had other things to read by authors I already loved.  However, I finally got a chance to read it today and it was amazing!  It's now sitting in its permanent space on my bookshelf.

So, I wanted to share how I got this wonderful novel for free!  My Reader Rewards Club is the successor of the Tyndale Rewards program. It offers several ways to earn points and then the points can be redeemed for free books -- and they ship for free, too! 

One thing I really like is that you do not have to have a huge amount of points to get a good book. They have very reasonable points requirements and I've had only good experiences with this program.

So, go sign up today and start earning free books!

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