Friday, September 11, 2020

First Line Fridays: Rules Are Made to be Broken by Mylissa Demeyere

Happy Friday! 

First Line Fridays is hosted by Hoarding Books and participants share the first line from a nearby book.

Today, I'm sharing the first lines from Rules Are Made to be Broken by Mylissa Demeyere.

"I walked through the double doors and into the lobby, clutching the strap of my backpack on my shoulder as if my life depended on it."

Have you read Rules Are Made to be Broken? I absolutely LOVED this book. I haven't got my book review up yet, but the book blurb is below.

What are you reading this weekend? I'd love for you to share your book's first line!

Happy reading!

About the Book:

I've loved Will Henderson from the first day I laid eyes on him. But I made a solemn promise that same day. I would never, ever date Will Henderson.

For almost a decade, Charlotte Dubois has loved Will Henderson from afar, squelching her heart's silent yearnings. But no way could she date her best friend Kelsey's brother. Their whole friendship is based on one rule: No friend of Kelsey can ever date Will. Instead, Charlotte has watched him date and break more hearts than should be legal.

Will Henderson never got over that stolen kiss he shared with Charlotte years ago--though he's tried valiantly to rid his system of his sister's best friend.

When circumstances bring the two into each other's arms again, Will wants to convince Charlotte to break the rules and take a chance on him. But to do so, they will have to hide their relationship from the ones they love most. Can true love triumph, or will they both end up losing?

First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books


  1. Happy Friday!
    This week on my blog I shared the first line from Backlash by Rachel Dylan but I'm currently reading Under the Tulip Tree by Michelle Shocklee so I'll share the first line from my current chapter (22) here: "Jael arrived home. She had news." Hope you have a good weekend with some quality reading time! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to reading Under the Tulip Tree!

  2. Happy Friday! My first line is from "Once Upon an Irish Summer" by Wendy Wilson Spooner:

    "I watched her long red hair blow wildly about her frame as I shouted with all my strength, 'Mary Ann! Step back!' But she couldn't hear my voice."

    1. I have that book, but haven't read it yet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Friday!!

    Over on my blog I am sharing the first line from Expecting Danger by Jennifer Pierce. "The hair on the back of Kate's neck stood on end, and the feeling of being watched crawled along her skin
    in goose bumps."

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I don't think I've heard of that one. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Happy Friday!
    I'm currently reading On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White. I ❤ it so much. Currently, I'm on chpt. 15 so I'll share a line from there.
    "For a long moment, Arabelle could only stare. Perhaps it was the fact that she'd only managed about three hours of sleep, but the image before her simply made no sense."
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂❤📚

    1. I soooo enjoyed On Wings of Devotion! Have a great weekend, Nicole! :)

  5. My first line is from A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna White:
    Chapter 1
    Thursday, 28 March 1918
    Mayfair, London, England
    Lilian Blackwell held her breath and inched along the wall, praying with every footfall that Mama wouldn’t look up.