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Author Interview & Giveaway: The Characters Within by Sunshine Rodgers

About the Book

Book: The Characters Within

Author: Sunshine Rodgers

Genre: Inspirational Fiction / Romance / Humor

Release date: July 30, 2020

Brittany Myers is stuck. She hates her role as a Cheese Crusader to Florida’s popular Cheddar and Such theme park! She is sick of the guests, the heat and working at the Fun at the Parm Attraction which features the animatronics Patty the Pretzel and Peter the Breadstick.

Her only relief from the monotony is writing chapters in her upcoming novel “The Carnival Ride” where she tells stories with theatrical scenes about her co-workers, her fears and the struggles she faces day in and day out.

With the help of her work family, the man of her dreams and her best friend, Brittany discovers that the magic she is looking for was right inside of her the entire time.

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About the Author

Sunshine Rodgers is   an International Best-Selling Author on Amazon. She has written 11 books which have landed on 26 different Best Seller lists, including #1 in the United Kingdom, #2 in the United States and #25 in Canada. Her books have been translated in several languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese). She has participated in 5 book tours and dozens of book signings. When she is not writing, Sunshine is a guest and featured author on radio, podcasts and online magazines. Sunshine is a Brand Ambassador, a Blogger and an Entrepreneur to her 32,000 social media followers. Sunshine is married to the love of her life, Travis, and they reside in sunny Florida.

Interview with Sunshine

Q: What was the inspiration behind this novel?

Sunshine: The Characters Within is a story about Brittany Myers who works at Cheddar and Such theme park and is writing a novel, “The Carnival Ride” using her co-workers as real-life characters in her story.

This is a true to real-life story because I used to work at a theme park and I used 35 of my former co-workers as characters on the pages. (you can read all the names on my website: http://www.sunshinerodgers.com/)

I experienced so much of the raw and real and behind the scenes from working years at the theme park that I decided to make a fiction novel about my personal experience.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote from this novel?

Sunshine: I have a few favorite quotes that I have listed on my Goodreads page (https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/85445124-the-characters-within)

One is when “Uncle” Mike starts signing his song ♫♫ Good Luck Charm ♫♫ to Sasha and I love that song. It’s so encouraging!

“♫♫ “I have always believed in you. I have seen you grow. And you young lady are a star!” ♫♫ Mike starts singing with a reassuring tone.

Sasha stops him and speaks gently. “No. Not me!”

He continues his song as the music trails behind him. ♫♫ “If there’s anyone I know, who has the charm, who has the glow …it’s you!” ♫♫”
― Sunshine Rodgers, The Characters Within

Sunshine: A second quote is from one of The Jokesters, Andrew Masterson who sings to Sasha the song, ♫ I Dare You! ♫ I love this particular song because it encompasses the fun I used to have on set.

“Andrew sings with his energetic and powerful voice, grabbing Sasha's hand and twirling her around. ♬♫ "There is something Unique. Something True. A Rare Beauty within you. I dare you to show it!" ♬♫”
― Sunshine Rodgers, The Characters Within

Sunshine: The last quote I want to share showcases Brittany’s frustration with working at the Cheddar and Such theme park while keeping her dreams alive.

“One day, I'll be away from all of this! I will make enough money after getting my book published, and I will sign a literary contract and be living the dream!

A little boy drops his frozen custard near me, causing the vanilla cream to spread all over my black shoes.

I frown with displeasure and shake it off.

One day...”
― Sunshine Rodgers, The Characters Within

Q: What are you reading now?

Sunshine: I am reading Present Concerns, journalistic essays by C.S. Lewis.

I absolutely love this book, especially the essay titled “Hedonics” where Lewis talks about finding the joy in the mundane, describing how a simple train ride can become an adventure!

I am such a fan of C.S. Lewis! One of my favorite books written from him is The Screwtape Letters, a fiction story about demons and their attempt to turn a human to their side.

I wrote a modern-day version of this classic titled After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby which is a PG-13 Dark Christian Fiction novel told from a demon’s point of view.

Q: Who is an author you would recommend to anyone and everyone?

Sunshine: I am an avid reader, devouring about 2-2 books a month and I love the authors: C.S. Lewis, John Eldredge, Sarah Dessen, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Mark Batterson, Max Lucado and Gene Edwards.

These authors truly inspire, grow and mature me! I recommend any of their books!! These names are such great Authors and teachers!

My all-time favorite book is Wild at Heart by John Eldredge with a close second being The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen (and did I mention I love The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis???)

Q: Where can readers find out more about you and your novel?

Sunshine: My website (http://www.sunshinerodgers.com/) shares reviews, book trailers, Best Seller lists, audio book samples and so much more!

The Characters Within can be found on Amazon, B&N, B.A.M, Walmart (and other book retailers) and is available as an eBook, audio book, hardcover and paperback.

You can connect with me on social media:
Twitter: @Writer_Sunshine
Instagram: @AuthorSunshineRodgers
Facebook: @SunshineRodgersBooks

And be sure to follow me on Goodreads and Amazon!

More from Sunshine

This book is about…me. I spent over 5 years working at a theme park, barely surviving the mess, the mayhem and the craziness that often occurred on-stage and backstage. I used that immersive experience to write my novel,  “The Characters Within.” This story is about Brittany Myers, a Cheese Crusader who has to wear this silly costume and repeat these corny sayings and hear the same annoying tunes playing over and over again. But she really wants to be an Author. 
And that’s where I found myself. At a backstage break room, writing this book as Brittany was writing hers. I have included 35 real-life people as characters (those who survived the madness with me!) and together we invite you to join us…as I now lift the curtain to “The Characters Within” – a Book-within-a-Book, Part Musical, Part Love Story and 100% pure entertainment!” 

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