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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Untold by Vanessa Hall

About the Book:

You can only run for so long …

Two years hasn’t erased the sting of betrayal and the shadow of the past, but Nikolai Alexandrov has finally found a way to live. Moscow, Russia, is the last place anyone would look for a rogue ex-CIA officer, and the members of Grace Baptist Church see beyond his past to the man he is now.

Molly Baird never wanted to be a missionary, but due to her father’s wishes, she lands in Moscow to aid her missionary cousin, Gabe Kelly. All is foreign in the massive city, though, rendering her unable to serve. Only the few English speakers in Grace Baptist’s congregation hold a trace of familiarity—including Nikolai, whose kindness she can’t deny.

Yet when a sniper’s bullet strikes far too close, Nikolai and Molly are thrown together in a desperate race against untold threats. When time runs out, will Nikolai and Molly be able to trust God with the past—and with the future?

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Excerpt from Untold 

On nights like this, it only took footsteps.

Or the glare of a streetlight. The shouts of a drunken neighbor. The ache in his chest.

All reminders that wouldn’t loosen their grips, even after months.


He blinked his eyes open, the leather of a Bible soft against his fingers. Yet instead of comforting Words, a name stared up, penned in stalwart blue ink.

Nikolai Petrovich Alexandrov.

A lie.

Even a dozen aliases hadn’t convinced him he was anyone but Nick Bates—a stupid kid from Tennessee who’d ended up in Russia.

Six years.

He slid the Bible to the nightstand, his hand shaking.


He drew his fingers into a fist.

The red numbers on the alarm clock, ever taunting, glowed three forty-seven. Mid-morning back home.

His eyes fell shut, and he slumped back onto the lumpy mattress.

Cold jolted through his veins, his fingers curving into the rumpled sheets.

Enough. Morning would eventually come, and according to Polachev, work would be back-breaking.

What would he have thought ten years ago if he’d known only a construction job awaited? Yet anything more risked discovery of falsified documents—and therefore endangered this very fragile safety.

One word from the right person, and it’d be over.

His forehead throbbed in time with his pounding pulse, and he pried his hand from the sheet to press to the ache. Heat flooded his palm, slick with sweat.

It was high time to learn to deal with this. Other men had suffered worse.

A deep breath, in through his nose, rasping past the congestion.

Easy, pure—

The breath caught, smothering.


He jerked upright, fire flooding his chest. Coughs tore his raw throat—but at least they smothered the cry.

Just a cold. The pastor’s little granddaughter had been coughing up a storm on Sunday.

Yet dizziness still attacked, his breaths coming as pants.

Tough officer, wasn’t he, unable to sleep because of a stuffy nose and a cough.

Oh, God, please help me. This has to end … it has to.

Training should’ve stopped this, should’ve prepared him.

Yet he’d marched right into Serbia. And even after that nightmare, straight into Russia.

So young, so confident, so incredibly stupid.

He squeezed his eyes shut.

He never would’ve stepped foot in this place if he’d known what he would find.

About the Author:

Vanessa Hall is an author, musician, and homeschool graduate. Most days, she is reading, writing, or practicing the violin—or trying to find time for all three pursuits. Currently, she is working toward gaining a degree in instrumental music education. But above all, she is a sinner saved and held fast by the abounding grace of Jesus Christ.

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Tour Giveaway:

One winner will receive free e-copies (epub or pdf) of Unworthy and Untold. Winner will be announced on Saturday, October 1, on Vanessa’s blog and will be contacted via email. Giveaway open to all entrants over 18.


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