Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Book Review: The Ribbon by Cara Grandle

About the Book:

Life rips away hope and sweeps her along…until she finds a future worth fighting for.

On the day her mother passes away, Heather Keeton weds a neighbor who promises to provide for her. They journey along the Oregon Trail, but tragedy strikes again. Widowed, alone, and far from home in Oregon Territory, Heather needs work. But where? She determines to use her cooking and baking skills at a logging camp to earn enough to remain independent and, eventually, reach her Porcelain Doll sister, Rebecca.

Land surveyor Zeke Bradley misses being part of a family. A surprise inheritance might open the way for him to settle down and begin a courtship, but he tries to come to the aid of an injured man only to be accused of murder. One wrong move, and he could unjustly swing by his neck from a rope. He flees and hides in a logging camp, waiting for his name to be cleared.

Nothing comes easy at Camp 13 Logging Company, where the work is hard and hazardous. Heather hopes to move on soon, and Zeke longs to be free from his worries. Can these two survivors learn to trust each other before their pasts destroy their future?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Ribbon by Cara Grandle. The good characters were likable and the bad characters were dislikable. Heather, the female lead, experienced great loss and grief kept her broken for a long time. This extended period of adversity allowed for beautiful character development that blossomed toward the end of the novel.

Liza, Jiggy, and Moses, all side characters in The Ribbon, made me smile. Liza had spunk. Jiggy might be the ultimate flirt. Moses was highly interesting with a mysterious backstory. On the flip side, I disliked David from the start due to his creepy thoughts and evil intentions.

The Ribbon lands as the second installment in Cara Grandle’s Sisters of the Porcelain Doll series but could be read as a standalone. Book one, The Rock, contained the porcelain doll promise scene, but the pact was explained in The Ribbon as well. Like the first book, the main couple in The Ribbon met later in the story than I expected, but this novel held my attention from the start anyway.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a copy of this book by the author or publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

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  1. Excellent review, Jolene. I'm glad you enjoyed this one