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Author Interview: Fire and Ice by Carolyn Miller

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About the Book

Fire and Ice

Title: Fire and Ice
Northwest Ice Division #1
Carolyn Miller
Independently Published
Release Date: July 10, 2023
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Hannah Wade loves sports, so when injury is swiftly followed by an opportunity to be one of Calgary's first female sports analysts, she jumps at the chance. Trouble is, some of the old dinosaurs she works with thinks she's nothing but a fluff-piece, there to add ratings and stir controversy among the fiercely loyal hockey fans. She longs for the chance to prove herself, so when an opportunity comes along to interview newly traded defenseman Franklin James, she meets him, with disastrous effect. 

Growing up with three sisters means Franklin thought he knew something about women, but nothing had ever prepared him for the sparkling firecracker that is Hannah. And yet her vibrant personality holds a sweetness and soft side, something that draws his interest and protectiveness when an interview goes south

Can these two overcome prejudice and see a way forward? And what has faith - or the lack of - got to do with anything? Fire and Ice is the first book in the new Northwest Ice hockey romance series, a sweet and swoony, slightly sporty, Christian contemporary romance series that continues the legacy of the Original Six, and is perfect for fans of Becky Wade, Courtney Walsh and Susan May Warren.

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Royce nodded, and pointed to the ice as the players moved off for the first break.

“Hey Franklin,” she called.

He drew near—he’d been warned this was happening—and glanced at the camera before his gaze fixed on her. Butterflies soared, and she smiled, then dimmed it back. Professional, remember?

She glanced at Royce and he nodded. Steadying breath. Smile. Action. “Hey Franklin, thanks for joining us tonight. You’re a homegrown Calgary player, playing for the team you cheered on as a boy in your first game here at the Saddledome. How’s the experience been so far?” She passed him the microphone.

His lips twitched and he leaned in. “It’s been great. The fans are obviously amazing, and it’s good to see we’ve got momentum going our way in tonight’s game.”

She nodded, smiling. “And this is your first game in regular season after playing in Boston for many years. How welcoming has this team been for you so far?”

“They’ve been great, such a warm welcome, Mike especially. I’m really glad to be here.”

“Well, we’re really glad you’re here too.” Uh-oh. Had that been too much? “Well, thank you for doing this. Good luck in the game tonight.”

“Thank you so much.” He grinned, and she kept her smile fixed, not looking in his direction until Royce nodded, and she relaxed and stole a peek as he skated away. Only to catch Franklin glance back at her, his gaze full of heat as he quirked a tiny smile that drew a heart triple-thump and arrowed fresh fire within.

Her breath was shaky as she exhaled. Her cheeks were so warm her makeup might slide off any moment. God forbid anyone had seen that.

About the Author

Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and four children. A longtime lover of romance, Carolyn loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. Her bestselling, award-winning Regency and contemporary novels are stories that offer hope, heart, and a twist of Aussie humour.

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Author Interview

Q: What was the inspiration behind Fire and Ice?

Carolyn: I think it’s fascinating how female reporters are still facing some of the issues of decades ago, with casual (& blatant) sexism, wage discrepancy, and mild to brazen forms of abuse. It astounds me that this continues to affect women who are simply trying to do their job, especially in this age of #MeToo, and during a time when women’s sport is finally getting mainstream attention. I loved being able to introduce a really strong heroine in Hannah Wade, who is still vulnerable, and needs a special man (like pro hockey player Franklin James) to help her find ultimate security in God, which helps her in other areas too. But of course, this attraction between sports reporter and sports star has its own professional issues too…

Q: How long did it take you to write this story?

Carolyn: Between research and writing it took several months to get the first draft done, then a similar amount of time for editing and proofreading. I like to write fast and concentrate until the book is done, so I don’t lose my headspace and can stay focused on the story – then I can write the next one.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote from this book?

Carolyn: I like this little section from chapter 14, where Franklin and Hannah are finally getting a chance to reconnect after ten years apart. They’re on his family’s ranch (which is based on a real ranch near Calgary that has its own Western movie set, and has sparked a new book series about the Three Creek Ranch), and the banter demonstrates their friendship, and also the attraction simmering between them:

“Just so you know I’ve never ever used the phrase ‘humble charm’ to describe myself.” He grinned. “I might’ve used cowboy charm once or twice.”

Her laughter increased.

“So, you’re saying I left no impression on you, huh?”

“And we’re back to you needing to know how people feel about you. Again.”

“Well, if you prefer, we can talk about how I felt when I first saw this supermodel friend of my sister in a swimsuit, like every teenage boy’s fantasy woman.”

Her cheeks heated. “Come on. I was sixteen.”

“You were perfect,” he said, his blue gaze drilling into her. “Still are.”

Q: What do you hope readers take away from Fire and Ice?

Carolyn: I hope readers see how insidious sexism is in the workplace, and are encouraged to stand up for themselves and for others. I hope that by shining a light on the unfairness that exists in certain sections of society that women will continue to use their voice to speak out against injustice, and realize that there is power in standing together and speaking up about such things. I hope readers also understand their worth is ultimately found in God, and it’s His love, forgiveness and grace that gives ultimate purpose and strength to our lives..

Q: Would you share something about yourself that most readers would not know?

Carolyn: I’m a musician and singer, and often lead worship at church. I have written songs and helped produce an album. So it was fun to incorporate characters, like Sarah Maguire in Muskoka Blue, who have some of these qualities too.

Q: How many bookcases are in your home?

Carolyn: Maybe 8? I have five just in my lounge room which I consider our ‘library.’

Q: How long ago did you start writing?

Carolyn: I started writing in 2010, after watching the closing ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and seeing an Australian female athlete holding hands with a North American athlete. I was fascinated by how a relationship could be sustained by two elite athletes from opposite sides of the world and tried to find out who they were, but when I couldn’t, I made up their story. I discovered how much I loved creativity and delving into characters and writing about relationships – it was such a rush! That first book became Love on Ice, which I finally published last year as part of the Original Six series (all the ebooks are on sale now for only 99c). Since then I’ve written many more, and now have over 30 books published with plenty more on the way.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Carolyn: I always love hearing how couples meet and ultimately get together. Relationships are what makes the world go round, so I love exploring some of the emotional intricacies of people’s lives, their backstories, the way attraction sparks and flares, and lightening that with flashes of humor too. Since being published, one of my favorite things is receiving messages and emails from readers who tell me they’ve been touched by my books. It’s wonderful to see how God can use fiction to speak truth.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Carolyn: I enjoy watching movies, reading, taking my dog for a walk, doing ballet, and travel. Earlier this year I spent time (with my hubby) in England, visiting my sister and doing research for some of my books, which sparked so many ideas that I’m struggling to find time for them all! But I’m making the most of time with my family and my kids - who are teens / young adults - while they’re still at home. In a busy world, there’s something so nice about having everyone at home for a lovely meal and a board game or a movie.

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