Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorting Through the Clutter

I like to buy books on sale!

I've bought a lot of books.  Unfortunately, I've never read at least a third of them.  I have some books that I've read over and over because I know they are going to be good.  They are going to draw me in and capture my attention. And then there's those that I bought with good intentions and just never got around to reading for whatever reason...

So, I'm making an effort to read some of the books that I've bought and just never had time to read.  Some of them are old and probably obscure. I plan to post reviews of them on here anyway. Eventually, my goal will be to have a book shelf full of extremely good books. Not only do I not have the bookshelf yet, but I have alot of books to weed through.  Some of them may not survive the cut.  But, I'm done with clutter.

Organization makes me happy.  :)

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