Sunday, May 15, 2011

My favorite coupon deals of the week!

My favorite deals this week were Milk at CVS and Vlasic pickles at Publix.

I got T.G. Lee Milk for $1.19 a gallon. It was on sale for $3.19 and I had a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off.  Then for each one purchased, I got a $1.00 CVS Extracare Buck to use on my next purchase. So, for the first gallon I paid $2.19. For the second gallon I paid $1.19 and I have $1.00 worth of CVS Bucks to spend in the future.

Now, at Publix, Vlasic Pickles were on sale for BOGO. Originally $2.47, the BOGO brought the price of the individual jar down to $1.23. I was able to use a store coupon worth $.55 and a manufacture coupon worth $.55 on each of them.  This brought my cost down to $.13 per jar!  Awesome!!!

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