Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unconventional by J. J. Hebert

In spite of working in a soul-numbing job, James Frost clings to his dream of becoming a published novelist and stays determined to write a masterpiece. James' friend, Mitch, challenges him to be unconventional in his writing and his life. James' girlfriend, Leigh, challenges him to open his mind to God. And James' editor, Arthur, challenges him to write a better book. With all the challenges before him and the self-doubt inside of him, James sometimes fights just to get through the day. However, as he adopts the unconventional, finds an unexpected faith, and creates his masterpiece, James finds that all the dreaming, hoping, and working is truly worth the effort.

I enjoyed reading Unconventional by J. J. Hebert. I hesitate to describe this book as Christian fiction, because I would hate to see someone pass it up simply because the main character has a spiritual relationship with God. Unconventional is indeed a unique book filled with hope that is desperately needed by today's society. The themes of hope and following one's dreams are well-integrated with the plot and characters. James is the narrator of the book and openly discloses everything in his mind. Sometimes, even more than you want to know! The book is written from a unique male point-of-view that is a refreshing change in Christian fiction.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was when James speaks to two of his characters. One is a good guy and one is a bad guy. It is a wonderful illustration of God's love for his creatation. The spiritual overtones are perfectly integrated even though James at that time has not yet come to accept God. I would love to have seen something later in the book tie in with that scene.

I recommend this book to.... anybody! Even if you do not read Christian fiction, there's a good chance you will like this book.

Click here to read an excerpt from Unconventional by J. J. Hebert

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