Sunday, March 24, 2019

Book Review: GraceFull by Dorena Williamson

About the Book:

Hope and Anna love seeing each other at church. When a Sunday grace offering is collected to help lift up Anna’s homeless family, Hope begins to ask questions and has a unique opportunity to learn what grace looks like, both for her and for Anna’s immigrant family. This touching story teaches children that God showers grace that is meant to be shared—allowing us all to be GraceFull!

In this follow up to her first two books, ColorFull and ThoughtFull, Dorena Williamson opens a dialogue on the tough subjects of poverty and homelessness and offers children encouragement to show God’s grace and love to others whose home life or homeland might look very different than their own.

My Thoughts:

My girls are always excited to receive a new book and GraceFull by Dorena Williamson was no exception. As is the case with most of their books, my daughters were first intrigued by the colorful illustrations, but they also enjoyed the story line. Having previously read ColorFull and ThoughtFull by the same author, they recognized Ahanu (from ThoughtFull) immediately and were delighted to see him again.

I recommend GraceFull: Growing a Heart that Cares for Our Neighbors by Dorena Williamson and illustrated by Geneva B to anyone with a child ages 3-8 in their life. My younger daughter asks me to read this book almost every day. She says her favorite thing about the book is Anna and Hope at the Chen House because they are nice to each other. My older daughter asks for it less, but reads it herself.

GraceFull's main theme centers on the effects of God-given grace. The premise is that when we receive this grace, it overflows out of us to others. Supporting themes of generosity, kindness, inclusion, and racial diversity are laced throughout the story. GraceFull reminds the reader, child or adult, to look beyond our own needs and wants so that we can give compassion and grace. As a mother of young ones, I appreciate resources such as GraceFull that help instill the values I hope my daughters will one day embrace for themselves.

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