Friday, June 19, 2020

First Line Fridays: The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren

Happy Friday! 

First Line Fridays is hosted by Hoarding Books and participants share the first line from a nearby book.

Today, I'm sharing the first line from The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren:

"In the daylight, Jake Silver wasn't the devil."

Have you read this book? Book blurb below and you can read my review here.

What are you reading this weekend? I'd love for you to share your book's first line!

Happy reading!

About the Book:

Jake Silver may not be able to put the memories of his time as a sniper and Navy SEAL behind him, but at least he can put his skills to use as a part of the Jones Inc. rescue team. Saving the life of pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Aria Sinclair on Denali helped too. But now he can't get her out of his head.

Aria has dedicated her life to helping children born with defective hearts. After all, she was one of those children. Driven to succeed, she lives a lonely, stressful life. One she would have lost on Denali if it hadn't been for Jake. Jake is exciting and handsome, but he's also dangerous, and she's already lost one person she loves. She can't bear it again.

It's not until she finds herself trapped in the middle of a Category 4 hurricane that she can admit she needs Jake desperately. With their very survival in the balance, can they hope for a second chance at life . . . and love?

First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books


  1. Wow, powerful opener! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks! You have a good weekend as well! :)

  2. Happy Friday!

    The Heart of a Hero was such an amazing story, and I love that opening line!

    On my blog today, I'm sharing the first line from Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes:

    London, England
    May 1987:

    "The smell of cinders permanently etched the abandoned Bessette Match Factory into the minds of all who passed."

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! I hope to read that book in the future.

  3. Happy Friday!
    Today on my blog, I'm sharing the first line from Fair as a Star by Mimi Matthews: I'm currently reading The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey so I will share a line from there:
    "Rissi followed Noah into the station, glad to be back. It’d already been a long day."
    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂❤📚

    1. I haven't read either of those. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love that book! Happy Friday! I'm reading from an old book, and the kindle edition is free on Amazon. I have probably read it 10 times! My first line is from "Uncle Max" by Rosa Nouchette Carey:

    "It appears to me, looking back over a past experience, that certain days in one's life stand out prominently as landmarks, when we arrive at some finger-post pointing out the road that we should follow."

    1. Thanks for sharing, Becky! Have a great weekend!

  5. My first line is from A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden which I finished this week.
    June 30, 1900
    There was no such thing as a typical day at the White House, but Caroline Delacroix’s morning took a particularly difficult turn the moment she walked into her crowded office,

    Happy Reading!

    1. My local book club is reading that one next month! I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Happy Friday!!
    Over on my blog I shared one of the lines from Key to Everything by Valerie Frasier Luesse
    "Sometime during the night, it had begun to rain, a steady downpour pelting the tin roof of Aunt Gert's bungalow and lightly misting Peyton's face."

    My copy arrived this past week! Can't wait to get started on this book!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I haven't read that book. I’m currently reading A Bee in Her Bonnet by Jennifer Beckstrand and the first line is “Poppy Christner was screaming her lungs out.” I hope you have a great weekend!