Friday, January 28, 2022

Book Review: Stone by Ronie Kendig

About the Book:

She cost him everything. Now, he’s forced to protect her.

Stone Metcalfe embodies the Metcalfe legacy—blue eyes, an unfair amount of good looks, and hardcore patriot-laced character. But a foolish lapse in judgment dismantles his name and career. Humiliated and furious, he retreats to his mountain lodge to hide from media hounds and eke out a new life. However, one phone call from an old Army buddy upends Stone’s best-laid plans.

Supermodel Brighton Buchanan had designers and men eating out of her hand until a terrible mistake trapped her in the soul-eating world of human trafficking. Years later, she is used by her captors to take down the best man she’s ever known. The man she loves. Hope lost, she’s unexpectedly freed—and thrown back into Stone’s life. Being forgiven is out of the question considering how much he hates her.

Believing danger and her are one wrong move away, Brighton will do anything to keep him from being ruined again—even if it means going back to that life. As everything is falling apart and threats mount against Brighton, Stone realizes forgiveness is the easy part. Protecting her—and his heart—is another story.

My Thoughts:

Stone by Ronie Kendig swept me away in a flow of danger, action, and second-chance romance. Both main characters, Stone and Brighton, hold hurt and regret over their shared past. Their emotions and actions/reactions felt real at their unexpected reunion. Temporarily forced together, Stone and Brighton must survive the drama their proximity rouses as they face their past and present circumstances. Character development makes way for the rekindling of love, but danger still pursues Brighton. The romantic tension paired well with the suspense. In short, Stone kept me flipping the pages as I experienced the story.

In Stone’s introductory note, Ronie Kendig conveys her hope that this novel will shed light on the darkness of human trafficking. Within the story, potential triggers exist for those who have experienced sexual assault. The author condemns the terribleness of sex trafficking without dragging the reader too deeply down into the evil. She treads lightly with Brighton’s trauma, acknowledging the challenges of recovery without delving into an extensive healing process.

Stone by Ronie Kendig kickstarts The Metcalfes series, although characters from her other novels appear or are referenced. Stone stands alone in the sense that Stone and Brighton’s story wraps up; however, an overarching plot leads into the next installment (Willow - coming Spring 2022). Readers who enjoy romantic suspense will likely be interested in this series. I am looking forward to the next story.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a copy of this book by the author or publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.


  1. Amazing review Jolene! I look at that cover and read the blurb and never realize this book is a deep and emotional as it is.

    1. Yes, the characters have ALL the emotions, but it fits well with the story. Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Wendy!