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Epic Book Launch: Re-Created for Faith by Ashley K. Adams

About the Book

Book: Re-Created for Faith
Author: Ashley K. Adams
Genre: Christian Nonfiction: Inspirational
Release date: March 9, 2022 (eBook)

Re-Created for Faith is the story of Carston Ford Adams and how the spiritual and physical world collided for his existence. When all the voices were crying out “death,” his mother believed for more. There had to be a purpose for these obstacles in her son’s life, but what? How could Ashley triumph over what was sealed for his fate? She was about to find out.

Through intense devotion to God’s word and prayer every day, God gave Ashley a fresh faith and supernatural strength to relentlessly pursue saving Carston’s life. This fight was not merely material but spiritual, a battle between forces of life and death. The hospital room became her training ground of righteousness as God taught her how to use the weapons He has given every believer to fight an enemy only interested in our destruction. Refusing to give up, Ashley experienced many breakthroughs-signs, visions, and answers for some of the biggest decisions she would ever have to make. Miracle after miracle pointed directly to the only One who could truly heal, which may have baffled the experts but spurred her on to keep fighting.

Re-Created for Faith shows what is possible when one mother refuses to back down to the enemy and how to anchor these strategies in everyday life to advance in our battles. When we go beyond belief to action, believing God for a victory regardless of the visible, miracles really do occur, and God’s glory is revealed…big time.

“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4)


Our small talk was nice but it came to a swift end. We were there to discuss how to physically treat Carston, not how God would save him, which would have been a much more productive meeting for me.

They started by presenting many possibilities that could happen at Carston’s birth, most of which were impossible for me to entertain; I don’t know how any mother could. One major concern was that he could have trouble breathing due to the unknown spot on his lung, so in this instance, how far would we want medical intervention, if any at all?

It was easy for us to say we wanted Carston to have life, but apparently, there were consequences if we chose to help him survive—things doctors could try at birth that would work for the moment, but long-term could leave him on machines for the rest of his life. Then they gave us the option of comfort care, just letting him pass away in our arms once he was born. Could you imagine looking down at your precious baby so helpless and simply holding back the care that he needs because you’re too afraid of the unknown? They went on about several other plans and possibilities, needing answers to all of their questions, which were impossible to even process at the moment.

If your baby would be born alive, would you give us permission to intubate or use CPAP to assist breathing?


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Ashley Adams is an inspirational writer, who actively journals God’s voice and direction He has for her every day. Re-Created for Faith is the birthplace of her ministry. She blindly trusts in God for the next big steps to expand the Kingdom, faithfully using her social media platforms to encourage people through real-life heartache and God’s plan for it. Ashley lives to see souls saved, serving as a board member and director at Scioto Youth Camp: Reaching Kids for Christ, along with hosting Bible studies in her home for women of the community.

Ashely and her husband, Justin, now have four children, including their newest baby boy. They recently made a big move out of town and into the country. They now reside on what used to be her great-grandfather’s farm of over one hundred acres and are building a new home, excited for what the future holds. Ashley is determined to obey the Lord as He guides, raising tiny disciples through her homeschooling and pressing in on aspirations to adopt more children. Ashley’s faith has been tried by fire, yet she experiences God’s blessings ten-fold.

To read original posts from Carston’s battle, search #prayersforcartson on Facebook. For current updates and encouragement through life, follow Ashley on Facebook and Instagram @ashleyadams4faith.

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