Monday, August 1, 2022

Epic Book Launch: Reunion in Saltwater Beach by Julie Carobini

About the Book

Book: Reunion in Saltwater Beach
Author: Julie Carobini
Genre: Inspirational Romance/Women’s Fiction
Release date: June 22, 2022

From the author of Walking on Sea Glass ... He's a big city lawyer. She's the small town beach girl who broke his heart. Any hope for a second chance expired twelve years earlier ...

Jax Cooper returns to Saltwater Beach but has no plans to stay any longer than necessary. Once his mother's estate is wrapped up, he'll be on a plane back to Chicago—and hopefully to a future as the youngest law partner in his firm.

Addi Barrett never left the small beach town of Saltwater. She chose instead to dote on her ailing mother, help her father's business, and find new friendships in old places. That didn't mean she never had dreams of her own ...

When a Cooper family member goes missing, a foster dog needs some lovin', and a long-hidden secret bubbles to the surface, Jax and Addi find themselves thrown together over and over again.

Can they find their way to a second chance at love? Or will past hurts rise up to make happily-ever-after impossible?


The last thing she wanted to do today, on this solemn occasion, was to redirect the attention to her.

Her gaze caught Jax entering his mother’s place. He pulled Lily into an embrace, holding her to him for several seconds. Addi had never had a sibling of her own and wondered what it would be like to have someone share some of her family’s burdens.

Jax towered over his sister, as he always had, yet his arms had filled out over the years, muscles now in places where they hadn’t been previously. He looked strong. And commanding. Addi sensed a shift in the home at his arrival, as if this family mourning the loss of their mother had just received some desperately needed support.

Their brother Lucky approached, saying something she couldn’t quite make out. She turned her head away. Eavesdropping was so rude! She attempted to make herself look busy, when, in truth, the ability to look away didn’t last long.

Addi peered at Jax one more time, watching as he swept the room with one long glance, and yet did not appear to notice her. She blinked. She was invisible to him—just like old times. That sense of rejection she had experienced as a young adult with stars for dreams returned as if those old feelings had never left. She turned them over in her gut, working hard to tamp them down.

Addi backed away from the table. If only she hadn’t volunteered to help Lily. She could have begged off or found a replacement. How she wished she could curl up with a book right now. Or bake something.

Can they find their way to a second chance at love? Or will past hurts rise up to make happily-ever-after impossible?


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JULIE CAROBINI writes inspirational beach romances. She is the author of 22+ books across two names and is known for spunky heroines, charming heroes, quirky friends, and the secrets they keep. Her bestselling titles include Walking on Sea Glass, Runaway Tide, Finding Stardust, The Christmas Thief, and more. Julie has received awards for writing and editing from The National League of American Pen Women and ACFW, and she is a double finalist for the ACFW Carol Award. She lives on the California coast with her husband, Dan and their rescue pup, Dancer. Grab a free eBook here: