Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Newton Chronicles: Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples Epic Book Launch


Book: The Newton Chronicles: Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples
Author: Terry Overton
Genre: Middle Grade Christian Fiction
Release date: November 22, 2022

Luke Alexander’s father is “missing, presumed dead.” But Luke is confident that his father has set off on an adventure and needs his help. Searching through his father’s office, Luke – along with his friends Nathan, a pastor’s kid, and Lydia, a world traveler who knows several languages – discovers some confusing notes about Isaac Newton and finds a strange watch that once belonged to his grandfather. Knowing his archeologist father was on the hunt for Solomon’s temple, Luke and his friends decide to start a search of their own. Little do they know that their search will take them on the wildest adventures of their lives and make the stories of Solomon’s temple and other biblical events seem more real than they ever thought possible. But will their adventures lead them to Luke’s father, or will they only wind up with more questions than answers? Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples is an excellent book for anyone who loves a good adventure and who wants to find the truth that is found only in God’s Word. This first book in The Newton Chronicles will make history and the Bible come alive for readers both young and old.


If I had known the length and complexity of what I was about to begin, I might have changed my mind. I guess I could ignore the name Isaac Newton and continue playing Fortnite on my phone. But my curiosity is alive with the name

Isaac Newton ringing in my ears.

So, it begins.


I sit straight up in the pew to see what Nathan’s father would say next.

“Science and religion are related. Isaac Newton wrote more papers on the subject of God than he did on the subject of science. Better yet, Isaac Newton believed that God imparted all knowledge to man, including science and mathematics. So, we turn to God for guidance and knowledge . . . ” And then he rambled on about faith.

Science and God?

A quick search on my phone, and there it is. The door has been opened. For the first time since I can remember, church is over too soon. I can hardly get my phone placed inside my zippered Bible before my mother catches me. She gives me the look. I search the room to find Nathan so I can escape the next words that I know were about to emerge from my mother’s lips.


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Terry Overton obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology and her Ed. D. in special education. She taught in public schools and was a school psychologist and a professor before retiring in 2016. She began her second “career” after retirement and now writes Christian fiction books and devotionals and hopes to share the Christian worldview through her writing. Her novels, middle grade readers, and picture books seek to entertain readers through the travel experiences and characters included in her books. She currently resides in Laguna Vista, Texas, near the Texas-Mexico border. She enjoys Biblical history and general Bible studies, writing, and enjoying family and friends. She has seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

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