Friday, August 12, 2011

The One Who Waits for Me by Lori Copeland

Beth Jornigan is strong, determined and resourceful, but the men in her family have created a strong dislike and distrust for all men in her heart and mind. As Beth, her sister, Joanie, and their friend, Trella, attempt to escape abusive Uncle Walt, an unexpected wildfire forces them to rely on three Civil War soldiers. Beth is extremely resistant to the assistance of Captain Pierce, Preach and Gray Eagle. However, with little money and relentless family members, Beth, Joanie and Trella agree to accept the men's temporary assistance. As the days pass on, each woman finds herself attracted to a man. Will the relationships blossom or whither away when the men return home? Are the women just attracted to the men because they rescued them or is it possibly true love?

The One Who Waits for Me is typical Lori Copeland fiction romance. It is sweet and has some wonderfully humorous moments, but it is also quite predictable. Something about the characters of Beth and Pierce never really rang true for me. Beth has experienced abuse and dislikes all men, yet is quite naïve. Somehow those traits just don't go together in my mind. Abuse has a way of making a person grow up fast. Conversely, other characters, Sister Mary Margret for example, were authentic and delightful.

I applaud Copeland for her realistic depictions of the American Indians. Too often in Christian fiction, they are depicted as ruthless warriors. Copeland treated the subject of their displacement with sensitivity and respect. I think an American Indian could read this book and not be offended at Copeland's depictions.

Overall, The One Who Waits for Me by Lori Copeland is a sweet read, but I recommend renting it from the library before purchasing.

Click here to read an excerpt from The One Who Waits for Me by Lori Copeland.

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