Thursday, April 30, 2020

Book Review: Emberhawk by Jamie Foley

About the Book:

The Elementals have decided they're gods, and humans are nothing but fuel for their fire.
A starving trapper.
Merciless drought withers Kira's ranch, leaving her family hungry and desperate enough to cross the border into the forbidden forest to trap wild game.
But the forest is infested with tree scorpions and giant cats that wield elemental invisibility, and they're hungry, too. When Kira mistakes one elemental creature for another, she ends up with the last thing she wants in her trap: an enemy soldier.
An invisible spy.
Ryon can't afford to be a prisoner of war. If the Malaano Empire extracts his secrets, the rumors of war will be confirmed, and the tribes stand little chance against the empire unless they can put aside generations of bad blood for the sake of a Tribal Alliance.
When Ryon's escape leaves Kira injured and her livelihood in flames, Ryon must choose between aiding her or returning to his chieftess with vital information. 
But can he survive the trek when an elemental pursues him for his rejected heritage?
A sacrificial princess.
Imperial Princess Vylia is given a powerful ancient stone as her wavesinger trials approach. But is the stone's whispering voice from the water goddess or a masquerading elemental the creator god imprisoned, millennia ago?
When Vylia's diplomatic mission to the tribal lands erupts in fiery revenge, she, Kira, and Ryon must work together to survive or become pawns in the battle of the gods.

My Thoughts:

Emberhawk by Jamie Foley took me by surprise. I’ve read only a handful of fantasy novels and I loved this one far more than I expected to. At first, I read slowly to keep things straight as the story introduced the characters, their powers, and their world. The maps and glossary helped me acclimate to the setting.

Initially, Emberhawk captured my attention with its interesting characters. As the story progressed, the blend of mystery, danger, and romantic possibilities pulled me deeper into the story. I loved the unfolding of Kira and Ryon’s relationship. With the budding attraction, the snarky remarks, the forged camaraderie, the sacrificial acts, and the obstacles, the romance proved to be a marvelous element of the story.

Emberhawk by Jamie Foley is the first installment in The Katrosi Revolution series and I’m eager to read the next one. This YA fantasy has some underlying Christian themes and soft echoes of stories from the Bible. However, it is not overtly Christian and could be read as a clean, general market fantasy. The characters do pray to gods, including the creator.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a copy of this book by the author or publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

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