Thursday, December 3, 2020

Book Review: Marriage, Melodies and Rewritten Conclusions by V. Joy Palmer

About the Book:

Kaylee McGrurd feels like life has left her behind. Her best friends have all moved out, married, or are in the process of matrimony. Meanwhile, she’s lost another job, and her daily diet consists of noodles that are better suited as packing material.

Then Kaylee’s ex, Gabe Sanders, enters the equation.

Gabe walked out on Kaylee without warning or explanation nine years earlier, but now he’s been brought back to the area for the unforeseen future. And he’s in need of new lead vocalist for his wedding band.

A dwindling account balance calls for desperate measures, and Kaylee reluctantly accepts Gabe’s offer. While the former couple works together in the midst of happy marriages and heartfelt melodies, secrets and the need for forgiveness highlight the strife between them…and the hope that maybe God’s rewriting the conclusion to their story.

My Thoughts:

During my first reading of Marriage, Melodies and Rewritten Conclusions by V. Joy Palmer, the second-chance romance between Kaylee and Gabe dominated my attention. I devoured their love story and had to know how things panned out! A slower second reading of the novel yielded a deeper connection with the issues and themes addressed by the story. I appreciated the story’s depth as the characters searched for truth, forgiveness, and healing.

Marriage, Melodies and Rewritten Conclusions features plenty of interesting characters. Most of the story is told from Kaylee’s POV. Her first person, stream-of-consciousness discourse occasionally felt chaotic and angsty. However, it was fun to experience her musically inclined brain in such an intimate way. Knowing her vulnerability made her extremely relatable. Izze and Natalya, secondary characters, added much to the story.

Trigger warning: Although the word “pornography” is never mentioned, Gabe struggles with the residual guilt and shame of his past. For those struggling with this issue or those who have a loved one struggling with this issue, this story could trigger some deep emotions.

Marriage, Melodies and Rewritten Conclusions works as a stand-alone novel, but it features characters from V. Joy Palmer’s previous novels. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to readers who appreciate lots of pop culture (movies and music) references embedded in a Christian contemporary romance novel.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a copy of this book by the author or publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

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