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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Libby's Cuppa Joe

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Title: Libby's Cuppa Joe  
Author: Rebecca Waters
Publisher: Ambassador International  
Release Date: March 8, 2018  
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Can grace and love be found amongst coffee grounds?

Sonja Parker is about to find out.

Excited to leave her stale life in the big city behind, Sonja takes the money her grandmother left her and purchases Libby's Cuppa Joe, a thriving coffee shop in a small community in Wisconsin's Door County. Sonja may have business sense, but is she ready to face the world on her own?

Sonja soon discovers owning a business requires more than offering a good cup of coffee. She must make major repairs to the building as well as major repairs to her heart. Do the former owners, Libby and Joe hold the answer? As Sonja seeks to make Libby's Cuppa Joe a viable business, can she also find herself and the God she has abandoned?

Libby's Cuppa Joe is a riveting tale of second chances, forgiveness, and not living on borrowed faith.


“You must be the new owner of Libby’s,” the young woman at the library desk noted when Sonja asked about internet access on Monday afternoon. 

Sonja was quickly learning everyone in Fish Creek knew who she was. She was also learning everyone referred to the store she now owned simply as Libby’s. She had introduced herself to the young couple from The Potter’s Wheel on Sunday afternoon. They, too, had greeted her with a “You must be the new owner of Libby’s.”

“I’m Sonja,” she said, her hand extended in friendship.

“I’m Rose.” Rose’s hair was long and pulled back loosely in a ponytail. Wisps of her fine, blonde hair escaped the elastic holder, framing her face. Her smile was genuine. Sonja guessed her to be in her mid-to-late twenties. Rose led Sonja to a counter where four desktop computers were set at the ready.

“Oh, I brought my laptop,” Sonja informed the young librarian. 

“No problem. We have free wireless. Did you want to get a library card?”

I wonder if getting a card is required to use the wireless. It wasn’t that she was opposed to getting a card; she was merely anxious to get started on her work. Sonja twisted the strap on her laptop case.

“Sure.” Sonja filled out the form Rose placed in front of her.

“It’ll be ready in a minute. If you want to do your internet stuff, feel free to sit anywhere. I’ll type this in and have your card here when you leave.”

Sonja looked around the room. She was the only patron. The library was small—much smaller than the branch library she used in Kenosha—and even that library she considered tiny compared to the one she enjoyed in San Diego. This library was, in fact, an extension of the town’s post office and tourist information center. There were open tables in the middle of the room. Sonja started toward the one farthest away from the desk where Rose worked but thought it might send a message that she was unfriendly. She moved to the second table and unloaded her laptop from the case. 



Rebecca Waters has been a writer most of her life. Her first published work was a story in the school newspaper she wrote in second grade. For many years Rebecca used her stories as illustrations in church settings and to entertain her own three daughters. Her professional writing included educational articles and research. Following her retirement as a professor of education from Cincinnati Christian University, Rebecca turned her pen to the world of fiction. She has also published several articles in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Lookout Magazine, and Home Health Aide Digest. Her first novel, Breathing on Her Own, was released in 2014.  

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